About us

This is a story about a family taking a year of to get out of the hamster wheel for a while. It will probably be updated both in Swedish and English in a totally uncontrolled mix.

The constant crew:

Lars – Has been sailing his whole life (well, being born in December in Sweden means I was probably about 5 months when I started sailing…). Got hooked on ocean sailing doing delivery trips while living in Asia.

Tina – Made the mistake of dating a sailor at a young age. Has now been upgraded to master navigator

Hugo – Seasoned sailor aged 5. Have before this trip navigated the waters of Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia and Lithuania.

Cayenne – At the age of 3 she is already a keen sailor who together with her brother keeps saying we really need to sail to Antigua.

The all important support team:
(that will be with us of and on for this adventure)

Patric – Head of sourcing (aka. ebay-trawler), all around handyman & executive fishing manager.

Anneli – Resident nurse & sunbather (that also happens to be Lars sister).

The weapon of choice:


S/Y Kapalai – A Najad 460 from 2001!

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